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Apprentices & Trainees

Trade employment starts with Apprentices and Trainees. Your preparation and acquired skills will shape the future of businesses. Time is of the essence, but yet quality and cost-effective training are key aspects in the relationship with your current and future employers. New England College wants to help you achieve this by providing you the right skills and making sure they are accessible in the workforce. Trainers at New England College of Technology will manage your training and assessment.
They will:

  1. Work with you and your employer to design a training plan, including:
    • a. what training needs to occur
    • b. how that training will be provided
    • c. when/where that training will take place and
    • d. support both to make it work
  2. Provide a Training Log Book and any essential learning resources
  3. Visit workplaces to monitor training and assessment
  4. Organise any additional learning support required based on your Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (e.g. reading and/or math's skills)


"I want to be an Australian Apprentice or Trainee…where should I start?"

You might be in search of a job or employed already.

  • If you are employed and have discussed with your employer the option for you becoming an apprentice or trainee, contact the closest Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) at to sign up for a training contract. Once you have been assessed eligible by the AAC, New England College of Technology will work with you and your employer to prepare a training plan suited to your skills needs. Our trainers will deliver training and supervise your progress at our campus or your workplace at your convenience.
  • If you are not employed yet you can also contact your closest AAC. They are one stop shops for those seeking to hire Australian apprentices or to take up an Australian Apprenticeship as a career path. If you are still at school you can contact a career consultant at your school to guide you with the process.
If you are ready and wish to apply in an Apprenticeship or Traineeship program, check the available courses and apply either by visiting us at our campus or online by downloading and completing the “Apprentice & Trainee Admission Form” and sending it back to us:

Via email to
Visit the campus at 151 Wellington Rd, East Brisbane QLD 4169, Australia

If you would like to receive more information about these programs please contact our Admission Officers at (07) 3891 6433 or via email to