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Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology - AUR20412

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of tasks related to installation, assembly and servicing of electrical components/systems of motor vehicles within the automotive electrical installation, service and repair technology sector.

The Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology is intended to prepare prospective employees and existing workers who undertake service and repair of vehicle electrical components and systems in the automotive electrical industry. Work may include performing component/system fabricating, fitting or modifying operations of automotive aftermarket electrical componentry and installation. Employment outcomes targeted by this qualification include: • automotive electrical component installer • automotive electrical trainee / assistant.

This is a Nationally Recognized course within the AQF (Australian Quality Framework).

No entry requirements.

To be awarded this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in 16 units of competency, consisting of 10 core units (C) plus 6 elective units (E). The following list of units of competency have been selected as being an appropriate combination that can provide valid, reliable, fair and flexible assessment and is deemed suitable for industry required outcomes:

Core Units

AURAEA2002    Apply environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace
AURASA2002    Apply safe working practices in an automotive workplace
AURETK2002    Use and maintain automotive electrical test equipment
AURETR2006    Carry out soldering of electrical wiring and circuits
AURETR2007    Demonstrate knowledge of automotive electrical circuits and wiring systems
AURETR2008    Remove and replace electrical units and assemblies
AURETR2009    Install, test and repair vehicle lighting and wiring systems
AURETR2011    Install and test basic ancillary electrical components
AURETR2012    Test and repair basic electrical circuits
AURETR2015    Inspect and service batteries


AURATA2001    Identify basic automotive faults using troubleshooting processes
AURETR2013    Inspect and service charging systems
AURETR2014    Inspect and service starting systems
AURETR2016    Read and apply vehicle wiring schematics and drawings
AURETR3025    Test, charge and replace batteries
AURTTK2002    Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment



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